About Us

Welcome to Samahan-Lux’s Site!

The Samahan ng mga Pilipino Luxembourg Asbl (“Samahan-Lux”) is a registered non-profit association of mainly Filipinos and Luxembourgish based in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Brief History

The Samahan-Lux initially started in 1997 and was organized at the residence of Margarette Shore in the town of Gonderange, Luxembourg. The original members were a group of 7 friends namely: Gody Manalo, Bernadette Robles, Elena Lana, Margarette Shore, Manuel Rabanes, Shanna Rabanes and Flora Amagora Probst. It was formed by this group of friends to facilitate the financial needs of each member in case of financial emergencies by way of cash savings and contributions. As the years passed, other friends and acquaintances joined the group. This resulted to an increased number of members.

The increasing members have united and organized the first charity event of Samahan-Lux on 9 December 2006 in Holzem, Luxembourg with ABS-CBN Bantay-Bata 163 as the event’s beneficiary. This was a sold-out, successful first charity event of the group.

Attendees during the 2006 Samahan-Lux Charity Christmas Event
Cultural Dance performed by a dance troupe from Brussels, Belgium
Awarding of certificates of appreciation and medals to Samahan-Lux members of 2006

After such successful charity event, it was finally decided to have the Samahan-Lux formally, officially and legally established. Hence, the Samahan-Lux was officially registered with the Luxembourg Registre du Commerce et Societes and became “Associations sans but lucratif” or Asbl legal entity, meaning a non-profit association, on 14 February 2007.

Goals and Objectives

To give financial assistance to less fortunate Filipinos in the Philippines by giving interest-free micro-finance loans through the recommendation of members.

To help by donating either cash or in kind during the time of calamities in the Philippines.

To help by donating either cash or in kind to non-profit associations in the Philippines (e.g. foundations like ABS-CBN Bantay-Bata 163, home for the aged foundation, Parishes and Churches, or Volunteer Groups).

To help promote Filipino art and culture by hosting Filipino visual and performing artists.

To keep in touch with the Philippine embassy for matters that concern Filipinos in Luxembourg.

To stay connected with other Filipino associations in the Philippines and in Europe by participating in their respective charity events upon invitation.